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Duroshield - A Lifetime of Protection for your Signs

Weathering a Lifetime: Upgrade to Duroshield Signs

Duroshield Topcoat for Traffic & Parking Signs


So, harsh weather conditions, graffiti, grime and chemicals render your signs unreadable? If your faded and indecipherable media can’t deliver the important messages they ought to, then they could potentially threaten public safety. This sounds like a job for the “Duro”-ble ones!


Cut the cleaning, maintenance and replacement costs of your signs. Make the right move and upgrade to Duroshield Signs. Here are a few of the many benefits you can get from the more “Duro”-ble option:


A lifetime of protection – Duroshield signs are fortified by Duroshield Topcoat, the ultimate solution for keeping your signs in top shape. This topcoat protects your signs from cracks, grime, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, moisture, abrasion and graffiti, and keeps the message on your sign clear and legible for a lifetime.


Upgrade to Duroshield signs and fight fading, damage and graffiti. A lifetime of savings – The long-term protection you get from Duroshield Signs is more than just a boast — it’s an investment. The minor cost of upgrading to Duroshield will save you years’ worth of maintenance, replacement and protection. Grab this worthwhile boon for your business, whether you need safety or traffic and parking signs.


Choose the Duroshield topcoat option, so your signs won’t end up like this.




As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention outweighs a pound of cure.” In this case, your small investment in protection outweighs a lifetime of maintenance costs. What’s more, Emedco guarantees the quality of Duroshield Signs will last a lifetime, or we’ll replace them free! Talk about not having to pay for your signs ever again!

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